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Write a novel in a month.  It's a global challenge; The Skräuss Global will not let it go unnoticed a moment longer.  The Skräuss has signed up on the official website.  If you Nanowrimo you can follow my official progress here. The official website gives stats and badges and excerpts.  Also, I have listed there, the 48 constraints that I accepted from Cavedwellers via social media.  Each item will find its way into my novel.  48 was the hull number of my ship in the Navy.  So far I have not reached the target number of constraints.  Visit me on Facebook to add more.  Each suggester receives a page torn from my notebook ill-suited for framing. 

If you care nothing for stats and the community of Nanowrimoer you can read each installment in blog form.  See header.

This comic book below will appear in the novel.  It's a watercolor, water soluble pencil, and ink painting 8X10 or so.

Free Skräuss Art 2015, week 17

I mailed these three watercolors (8X10 in. approx.) overseas  to my foreign correspondents.  Wonder Woman went to Hiroshima.  Superman went to New York, and Lois Lane went to the arctic Circle in Norway.  Lois Lane was placed and vanished.  even though I write detailed instructions on the back of these images: "Pose with it in a selfie, post selfie on social media, and tag me and #FreeSkraussArt," my customers often abscond with their treasures and tell me nothing.  Lois Lane disappeared in this fashion.

My correspondants in New York and Hiroshima have broken communication.

three paintings sent over seas for Freea Skrauss Art.  Can you find them?

three paintings sent over seas for Freea Skrauss Art.  Can you find them?

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